AIEEE - 2012 Mock Test

AIEEE - 2012 Mock Test Screen

Joint Entrance Examination JEE (Main) is to get admission to Undergraduate Engineering Programs at NITs, IIITs, Other centrally funded Technical Institutions. For more information, visit site.

My niece and nephew are appearing for Joint Entrance Examination JEE (Main) - 2013, as part of their preparation they decided to try AIEEE - 2012 mock test. While downloading the offline mock test setup file, we realised that it is Windows executable. I felt sorry for them as the executable will not work on their Ubuntu computer. In our opinion, there is simply no reason for limiting their audience by requiring to use only Windows systems. Less accessible is not good.

I thought let me explore the mock test executable a bit more. Installed wine, the popular program to run Windows application. Installed IE8 too under wine. Sorry no success with this solution. I was happy to discover that the files in "AIEE Mock" folder were html files, the code was not respecting w3c web standards, may be it is MS-HTML. The AIEEE - 2012 mock test code was build by TCS iON.

I tried to open the "index.html" using Chrome and Firefox web browser, but no success. See the screenshot above.

Easy Solution

Follow the simple three step solution made "AIEEE - 2012 mock test" more accessible to wider audience.

  1. Download and install the Opera web browser.
  2. Download and extract the "AIEE Mock" compressed files (4.8mb). Compressed by me for your convenience.
  3. Select the file "instructions.html" and open the file with Opera web browser, to bypass the IE7 browser check.

Voila. Follow the instructions on page and give AIEEE - 2012 mock test a go. :)

Hope CBSE note the importance of more accessible content and follow the web standards and demand their vendors for more accessible content/data for their next version.

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